Milling, Ripping and Skip Tooth

10° Ripping Chain

  • Ripping chain is defined by a ten degree cutting angle
  • Smoother cut than 25-35 degree chain
  • Cuts slower than 25-35 degree chain
  • Puts significantly more pressure on the powerhead than a 25-35 degree chain
  • Not to be used for cross cutting, only cutting with the grain (slabbing)

Skip tooth chain

  • Use on longer bars to allow for added chip clearance or when a bar longer than ideal for a given power head is used.
  • Fewer teeth engaging the wood requires less power to operate
  • Use with dirty woods like stringy bark to help clear the cutters more efficiently
  • Can result in “chatter” on shorter bars as there are less teeth to engage the wood
  • Doesn’t create as smooth a cut as ripping chain
  • Can be used for cross cutting or cutting with the grain

Recommended CC rating for slabbing set ups

  • 45-58cc

           Max 24” bar and ripping chain

  • 58-64cc

           Max 36” bar and ripping chain

  • 65-74cc

           Max 42” bar and ripping chain

  • 75-84cc

           Max 48” bar and ripping chain

  • 85-94cc

           Max 64” bar and ripping chain

  • 95cc+

          Max 84” bar and ripping chain

Please take note of the points below: 

1. These recommendations are for slabbing set ups only. They are not suitable for cross cutting (firewood cutting).
2. The above ratings are just recommendations. They are relevant for brand name saws, like Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Jonsered, Shindaiwah, Makita, McCulloch etc.
The ratings may not hold true for many of the saws for sale on eBay. These saws are routinely badged with fraudulent cc ratings. If in doubt, give us a call and we can provide advice.