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  Date Posted: 28 October 2015

The most common question novice chainsaw users ask us at Jono & Johno is, ‘What’s the difference between full and semi chisel chain.’ Full chisel chain has square-cornered teeth which creates a fast, aggressive cut.

  Date Posted: 20 October 2015

At the basic end of the range we stock a 20L hand pump garden sprayer. It comes with a stainless steel wand and stainless steel nozzle. This is a considerable improvement on the Bunnings equivalent, and significantly cheaper to boot. The 20L garden spraye

  Date Posted: 16 October 2015

Welcome to Jono & Johno’s weekly blog. From here we will keep you updated on all the latest news from Jono & Johno, as well as providing some handy information in the world of chainsaw equipment and outdoor power machinery.

Date Posted: 14 October 2015

A chainsaw can be an asset to homeowners who have a yard to maintain. The uses of a chainsaw can include trimming tree branches, cutting back overgrowth, removing an unwanted sapling, and cutting wood for a fire pit. Homeowners with heavily wooded lots

Date Posted: 20 July 2015

Our range of after-market spares is HUGE. At present we are loading all of our spares to the web site so not all may show up when you search. Call our friendly staff and they can advise if we have the product in our warehouse and take your order over the

Date Posted: 29 April 2015

JONO & JOHNO launches new web site; considered a leading supplier of aftermarket spares and chainsaw parts JONO & JOHNO have now opened up their range to online shoppers Australia wide. Charlie, part owner of Jono & Johno said

Date Posted: 9 April 2015

The first chainsaws were developed in the 1920’s. The development of the motorised saw led to an increase in timber production comparable to that which occurred when the non motorised saw took the place of the axe.