Semi versus full chisel

28 October 2015

The most common question novice chainsaw users ask us at Jono & Johno is, ‘What’s the difference between full and semi chisel chain.’ Full chisel...

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The season of weeds is upon us!

20 October 2015

At the basic end of the range we stock a 20L hand pump garden sprayer. It comes with a stainless steel wand and stainless steel nozzle. This is a...

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Jono & Johno’s  water pumps

16 October 2015

Welcome to Jono & Johno’s weekly blog. From here we will keep you updated on all the latest news from Jono & Johno, as well as providing some han...

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Chainsaw use and maintenance

14 October 2015

A chainsaw can be an asset to homeowners who have a yard to maintain. The uses of a chainsaw can include trimming tree branches, cutting back ove...

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Web Site Launched

29 April 2015

JONO & JOHNO launches new web site; considered a leading supplier of aftermarket spares and chainsaw parts JONO & JOHNO hav...

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History of the chainsaw

9 April 2015

The first chainsaws were developed in the 1920’s. The development of the motorised saw led to an increase in timber production comparable to that...

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