Chainsaw Sprockets

Drive Sprockets

The three parts on chainsaws that most often require servicing are your bar, chain and drive sprocket.

Most users are not aware that the drive sprocket is one of the most common culprits for poor cutting performance.

A worn sprocket can very quickly damage brand new bars and chains, causing uneven cutting, burred bars and snapped chains.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the sprocket on your saw every time you run a new chain. At Jono & Johno we think that is over-kill. We recommend changing the drive sprocket every two-to-three chains. Any more than this and you will definitely start to see decreased cutting performance.

Modern chainsaws run two different types of sprockets; spur sprockets and centre drive sprockets. There are hundreds of variation of each of these types of sprockets.

Spur Sprocket

A spur sprocket consists of a star shaped sprocket that is moulded into the sprocket drum.

The sprocket drum is placed on top of the chainsaw clutch.


Centre Drive Sprocket

A centre drive sprocket consists of two separate components; a “sprocket rim” and a “sprocket drum”.

A centre drive sprocket is a more economical set-up than a spur sprocket. There is no reduction in quality when converting from one to the other.

With a centre drive sprocket set-up you only need to replace the ‘rim’ whereas a spur sprocket requires the drum and attached spur sprocket to be replaced at the same time.



Jono & Johno specialises in centre-drive sprockets, though we can source most spur sprockets if required.

If you would like to change the sprocket on your saw then you can either search our store for your model or email/call us for advice.