Which sharpener is best for me?

Which Chainsaw Sharpener is best for me?

Chain sharpening is every wood cutters least favourite job.
Jono & Johno has a range of options and advice to make this task far less tedious.

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There are two basic options when it comes to sharpening chains.

  1. Hand filing
  2. Machine filing

We will briefly cover each method and the pros and cons associated with each.

Hand filing

Filing by hand, if performed correctly, will create the best sharpening result. However it also requires great care to avoid inconsistent sharpening on different teeth.
To avoid this you can utilise a file guide which will allow you to maintain your angles as you sharpen.

Hand filing can be performed very quickly by experienced sharpeners, however it can take many years of consistently sharpening chains to reach a speed comparable to that reached by those using an electric sharpener.

Machine filing

Machine filing chainsaw chain is commonly performed with either cylindrical stones or round discs.

Hand held sharpeners utilise cylindrical stones. Sharpening with cylindrical stones is a less abrasive method of sharpening. It allows you to maintain the contours of the cutting tooth more effectively than a disc grinder.
However handheld grinders make the task of maintaining a consistent sharpening angle more difficult.

Disc grinders are either mounted on a bench or clamped on to the bar of your chainsaw. This allows the user to set and keep an exact angle while grinding.
It is also a very fast method of sharpening.
The only drawback with disc grinders is that they take slightly more metal off the tooth than using a hand file or cylindrical stone.

12v versus 240v

12v grinders are generally used when you wish to sharpen in the field, rather than at home. However if a specific sharpener is suited to your needs but not available in 240v then there is no reason you can’t use a 12v grinder at home.

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