Getting Acquainted With Your Chainsaw Chain Breaker

Date Posted: 3 October 2022 


Chainsaw sales have risen by 28% as people prepare for a cold winter and look for DIY tools for cutting wood. But before you invest in a chainsaw, you need to know how to use a chainsaw. 

Even though everyone can identify what a chainsaw looks like, the question is, do you know how to assemble and disassemble a chainsaw chain breaker? 

You must understand how to operate and handle a chain breaker tool so you can successfully start a chainsaw on your own at home. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need about the chainsaw chain breaker tool.

Safety Rules for a Chainsaw Chain Breaker

The first rule of handling equipment, like chain breakers, is to follow the correct safety rules. You should always wear tight-fitting clothing and avoid wearing jewellery or other clothing that can easily get caught. 

It's also essential to wear rubber gloves and sturdy footwear if you're working outdoors or standing on uneven terrain. Chain breaker tools are complicated and powerful pieces of equipment, so you must be extra careful.

Another essential safety procedure is wearing goggles that protect your eyes from any pieces of material or debris that get removed from the chainsaw breaker tool. 

Above all else, you should stay vigilant and cautious when using your chainsaw chain breaker and joiner. 

Setting up Your Chainsaw Chain Breaker

When you receive your chainsaw chain breaker, you should inspect the packaging and check that there's no damage to the materials. If you notice that any parts are missing, you need to contact the seller. 

You must have all the correct components before you begin assembling the equipment. 

As long as everything is accounted for, you can start assembling the chain breaker tool.

Assembling the Chainsaw Chain Breaker

Firstly, you have to ensure the tool is bench-mounted before use. You can use a solid and level workbench to support the material. Remember that this tool is heavy, so you should test the workbench first. 

Then, you should follow these steps:

  • Mark the workbench with the tool base
  • Drill holes specified in the instructions 
  • Mount the base using bolts, washers, and nuts
  • Place the Mount Breaker Lever onto the breaker cam
  • Secure the lever with the appropriate screw
  • Test the tightness 
  • Insert the Breaker Punch onto the tool holder
  • Tighten with a screw and test the chainsaw breaker

The purpose of this tool is to break apart and reassemble chains for chainsaws, so it's important that you take your time assembling the equipment. 

Depending on the product, no matter if you have a Stihl chainsaw breaker tool or another item, you need to follow the individual instructions in the package. 

That way, you can ensure the tool is correctly assembled for use. 

Disassembling the Chainsaw Breaker Tool

Once you've assembled the tool, you'll also have to know how to disassemble the parts when necessary. To disassemble this equipment, you should take apart the machine as follows: 

  • Fit the chain on the Anvil
  • Position the chain under the Breaker Punch
  • Lower the Breaker Lever to the Breaker Punch
  • Pull down the Breaker Lever and remove the rivet from the chain
  • Observe the placement of the rivet binds and centre them
  • When the rivet is removed, take away the chain

Again, the instructions might vary from product to product, so it's good to read the assembling and disassembling manual before handling the parts. 

Caring Tips for Chainsaw Breaker Tools

You should always keep the chainsaw breaker tool away from young children or visitors if you have a workshop. This protects people from getting injured and secures the tool when it's not in use. 

If your tool needs to be repaired, you must order identical parts. You can use a part from a different model to repair your chainsaw breaker tool. 

The parts need to be identical for the equipment to function correctly. 

Use the Tool Correctly

If this is your first time using a chainsaw breaker tool, you should get to know the different parts when you receive the package. For instance, you shouldn't use the tool for anything but assembling and removing chains.

Otherwise, you could break or damage other parts of the chainsaw. 

When using the chainsaw breaker tool, you should never force the equipment or place your fingers close to the lever. Instead, try to keep a safe distance and protect yourself from injuries. 

And, when you're not using the tool, you should place it somewhere safe and secure so children can't reach it. Plus, it protects the equipment from damage or getting broken if left outdoors or in the open. 

Clean the Tool

Before using the tool, you should check the parts and ensure nothing is broken. Even if you don't use the tool all the time, it's good to make sure the tool is secure. 

This is particularly important if you want to use it frequently for work or personal projects. 

To clean the chainsaw breaker tool, you should wipe the equipment with a cloth after use and coat it with a light layer of oil if required.

You should pick a dry, cool location for storing the equipment, as the material can corrode or become rusty if it's too warm.

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