How to Choose the Best Stationary Petrol Engine

Date Posted: 8 July 2022 

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Stationary petrol engines have a variety of uses, from power pumps to generating electricity. You will see stationary engines around Australia with a variety of functions, but not all are created equally. So, how can you narrow your search for stationary petrol engines for sale to find the best one for your needs? 

The global gas engine market is projected to be worth 5.8 billion by 2027. The petrol engine is one of the leading types of stationary engines in demand and for a good reason. It offers benefits such as increased fuel capacity if you find the right one for your needs, which requires you to consider several factors.

Buying a Stationary Engine: Things to Consider

There are five main factors that you should consider when buying a stationary engine in Australia. These will help you determine your application requirements and how to narrow down your search for a petrol engine.

Following these considerations, you should find the best stationary engines in Australia that will offer cost-effective performance and maximum capacity for their lifetime.

1. Stationary Petrol Engine Size 

When you search for a stationary petrol engine for sale, you will realize there are a variety of sizes on offer. You need to consider what size engine you require. Some factors that can impact the size engine you want include:

  • Mounting space
  • Application requirements
  • Power capacity 

You need to find a petrol engine that suits the mounting and application. Inadequately sized petrol engines will not be able to meet your needs. In addition, they can quickly begin to overwork, which will shorten the lifespan or lead to operational downtime if maintenance issues occur. 

If you buy petrol stationary engines that are too big, they might not fit in the space or meet the suitable power supply for their function. This can also lead to health and safety issues if the engine takes up too much space in your working area.

The power supply does not always equate to the size of the engine. Therefore, it is vital to check the actual power rating and the size to find one suitable for your needs.

2. Petrol Engine Performance 

There are several performance characteristics to consider when buying a stationary engine. First, consider if you need to control the speed of the machine, which can determine the type of stationary petrol engine you can purchase. For example, it can impact the type of motor and power you need. 

If you need a varied speed range, make this a priority when purchasing a petrol engine. On the other hand, if you only require a constant speed, you can look at engines that can modify the base speed and keep it consistent. Or, you might not need any speed control, but ensure you pick a motor with an appropriate base speed for your operations.

You can also consider the torque of the petrol stationary engines for sale. The torque refers to the twisting force available or the engine's rotational force. Again, you can look for features to control the power supply safely and ensure smooth operations. 

3. Efficiency 

When searching stationary petrol engines for sale, check their fuel efficiency. It can be hard to determine this; however, looking at the motors can be helpful. Usually, you can look at how much heat is produced, which leads to a certain amount of power loss.

You can also consider the precision of engines, which can impact how efficient the engine will be at carrying out your tasks. The engine's efficiency will also depend on its condition at the time of purchase and how well you maintain it.

4. Cost of Stationary Engine for Sale

You must establish a budget when looking at Australia's petrol station engines. It would help if you managed associated costs, such as installation and maintenance. Prices vary depending on the engine's features, such as:

  • Power capacity
  • Speed control 
  • Size 
  • Brand 

When searching for stationary engines, it is crucial to pick a reputable brand for reliability. However, sometimes, you end up paying for a specific brand name, too, so be mindful of this. In addition, speed control, power capacity, and other customizations make the engine more complex, so costs are likely to be higher. 

The best stationary petrol engine is not necessarily the most expensive or the cheapest option. So take the time to work out the best choice for your needs, making it a cost-effective investment that lasts its whole expected lifespan. 

5. Ease of Maintenance

A stationary petrol engine for sale may look great, but is it easy to maintain? Look for stationary engines in Australia with low maintenance requirements, preventing operational downtime and frequent repairs.

A petrol stationary engine for sale with many parts can be harder to maintain. If you need specific features, check how part replacement works. Can you replace it with a different brand? 

It can quickly become a headache if you purchase a petrol engine for which you cannot quickly source parts. Check part availability in Australia and the process for replacements. You need to factor in repair costs and maintenance requirements to prevent it from falling into disrepair. 

How easy the petrol engine is to control and its suitability for your application can also make a difference to its maintenance requirements. In addition, you can take some preventative measures such as staff training and checking engine measurement requirements before committing to a petrol engine.

If you know how to operate the engine and pick the right size, it is more likely to run without issues, reducing the chance of maintenance issues. 

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