Find Your Perfect Match: A Guide to Choosing the Right Chainsaw Mill for Your Woodworking Needs

Date Posted: 20 January 2023 

person working with hurricane cutting chainsaw

The Swedish furniture brand Ikea uses up to 1% of commercial wood worldwide yearly. 1% doesn't seem like much, but it represents enough commercial wood to make 100 million furniture pieces. However, woodworkers in Australia are straying away from these fast furniture brands whose craftsmanship could be better.

But woodworking projects need the right tools. Professional woodworkers and DIYers should consider using chainsaw mills as they work with raw lumber. Instead of hauling logs to a miller, a chainsaw mill allows you to make custom lumber from your workshop or on the go.

Choosing a suitable chainsaw mill can be difficult, so we've put together this guide to help you make an informed decision. This guide will discuss the key features when selecting the perfect chainsaw mill for your needs.


Chainsaw Milling Is a Useful Tool for Woodworkers and DIYers

Chainsaw milling is cutting and shaping wood with a chainsaw mill. The chainsaw mill attaches to the chainsaw bar and guides the saw through the wood.

Chainsaw mills are handy tools for woodworkers and DIYers looking to make their furniture, create woodworking projects, or even cut wood in remote locations. 

Chainsaw mills come in different sizes and types. These types include portable, Alaskan, drag, bandsaw, and circular saws, allowing you to find the best one for your specific project needs.


Portable Chainsaw Mills

Portable chainsaw mills are easy to transport and typically have adjustable bars, allowing you to cut logs of different sizes and shapes. Portable chainsaw mills also have a quick setup chainsaw mill attachment for ease of use.

The downside of choosing a portable chainsaw mill is that the sawmill attachment may require frequent readjustments as the log moves, which can be time-consuming. Popular models of portable chainsaw mills include the Stihl chainsaw mill, which Australian woodworkers have lauded as one of the best mobile chainsaw mill options on the market.


Alaskan Chainsaw Mills

An Alaskan chainsaw mill is a chainsaw mill attachment that clamps onto the bar of a chainsaw and provides a platform for the operator to mount the saw. The benefits of using an Alaskan chainsaw mill include portability, convenience, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. With a range of sizes available, you can find an Alaskan chainsaw mill to suit any size project.


Bandsaw Mills

Bandsaw mills allow for greater accuracy, a more accessible setup, and more options for processing wood. These chainsaw mill attachments can be connected to a standard chainsaw bar and used as a more robust and accurate sawmill than a traditional chainsaw mill. The bandsaw chainsaw milling kit can also be used for faster, larger cuts, making it an excellent choice for complex projects.


Circular Saw Mills

Circular sawmills are chainsaw milling attachments that make accurate, precise cuts in large pieces of lumber. Many circular sawmills come as part of a chainsaw mill kit, including all the necessary parts and tools to operate the mill.


Drag Chainsaw Mills

Drag chainsaw mills are chainsaw mill attachments that fit directly onto your chainsaw's bar. This milling system is ideal for larger logs requiring more precision and accuracy.

It is also much easier to set up and use than other chainsaw mills, making it a popular choice for those looking for a chainsaw mill for sale in Australia. Additionally, drag chainsaw mills are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, allowing for quick and efficient milling of logs of any size.


How to Choose Portable vs Stationary Chainsaw Mills

When it comes to choosing between portable and stationary chainsaw mills, it ultimately depends on your specific needs. Mobility, accuracy, and cost are all critical factors when deciding which type of mill is right for you.



Consider a portable option to move your chainsaw mill around or take it with you. Portable chainsaw mills are often lighter and more compact than their stationary counterparts, making them easier to transport.



When choosing a chainsaw saw mill, accuracy is an essential factor to consider. For larger logs, a stationary chainsaw mill may be the best option. This type of mill is connected to the log with chainsaw mill attachments, providing greater stability and precision when cutting than a portable version.



Cost is essential when choosing between a portable or stationary chainsaw mill. Portable chainsaw mills are more affordable than stationary ones, making them a good option for woodworkers on a budget.

However, you may need to purchase additional items, such as a chainsaw mill attachment or milling kit, to use with the mill. Alternatively, stationary chainsaw mills may be available in Australia with more features at a higher price tag. Before buying, research and compare prices to find the best portable or Stihl chainsaw mill that fits your budget.


Tips for Selecting a High-Quality Chainsaw Mill

Once you know your needs, you'll be able to choose the best type of chainsaw mill for your project. But there are even more factors you can consider to optimize your purchase. Here are the top tips to keep in mind while shopping for high-quality chainsaw mills.


Look for a Mill Made of Durable Materials

When shopping for a chainsaw mill, one of the critical factors to consider is the material. Look for a chainsaw mill attachment or kit made of durable materials, such as aluminium or steel.


Choose a Mill With a Sturdy and Well-Constructed Frame

The frame is one of the most critical aspects of chainsaw mills. Look for a chainsaw mill with a frame constructed of durable materials like steel.

Moreover, ensure the frame is welded together with precision and accuracy. A quality frame will ensure that your chainsaw mill is functional for years.


Consider the Size and Type of Logs You Will Be Milling

If you need to mill larger logs, stationary chainsaw mills may be the best option. They have more milling power than their portable counterparts. However, you may opt for the best portable chainsaw mill or sawmill for smaller logs.


Understand the Clamping System

Clamping systems ensure the secure adherence of the chainsaw mill attachment to your chainsaw, as well as for accurate and precise cuts. Look for chainsaw mills with a reliable and easy-to-use clamping system.


Choose a Mill From a Reputable Brand

When purchasing a chainsaw mill, selecting a product from a brand with a good reputation for producing high-quality items is essential. Look for companies with a history of making reliable chainsaw mills and attachments, such as Stihl.


Consider Purchasing a Mill With Additional Features

Chainsaw mill attachments such as blades and sawmill attachments can make chainsaw milling easier, faster and more efficient. Chainsaw mill kits are also available with attachments that offer a greater range of features.


Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

Reading reviews and getting advice from experienced woodworkers can help you make a sound decision. Research different models, compare prices, and read customer reviews to help make an informed decision. You can also ask friends or family who own a chainsaw mill for recommendations.


Shop For a Chainsaw Mill in Australia Today

Finding the perfect chainsaw mill for your woodworking needs can be difficult. But several excellent options are available to Australians.

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