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Welcome to Jono and Johno, the largest online supplier of chainsaw chains and bars, lawn mower spares, and Aftermarket spare parts in Australia.

Jono and Johno is also the lead supplier of chainsaw chaps, chainsaw bars, lawn mower blades, fencing equipment, power tools, pressure washers, and generators nationally.

We have the best product lineup from top-of-the-line brands, and are very proud to exclusively stock Hurricane Chainsaw products. We also stock key parts to fit equipment for Giantz, Black & Decker, Yukon, Raiden, Bromic, Champion, and MTM.

If you’re looking for a high-quality chainsaw chain, generator, electric fence kit, or chainsaw sharpener? How about an Ozito chainsaw, Honda mower blades, or Stihl chainsaw parts? Then look no further.

We are your one-stop shop for all things chainsaws and chainsaw parts, as well as everything you need for fencing and lawn mowing equipment.

You name it, we have it.

Whether it’s a tungsten chainsaw chain, electric weed sprayer, star picket remover, electric fence insulators, or Victa lawn mower blades, we’re here to help you finish any job at any time.

With our in-depth product knowledge and unparalleled customer service, we can help you pick the right parts you need - simply look at our detailed descriptions for each product or give us a call today on 0353030263! What are you waiting for?

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