Cutting Edge Choices: A Guide to Different Types of Chainsaw Sharpeners

Date Posted: 4 April 2023 

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Did you know that the chainsaw was first invented in 1780? It was originally a medical tool but later turned into a tool for chopping down trees. Today, no one can argue that chainsaws are very useful.

But they do have the problem of going dull. This is why it is crucial to have a chainsaw sharpener. Learning how to sharpen a chainsaw is vital for keeping this tool sharp and efficient.

But what are the different chainsaw chain sharpener options? Do you need an electric chainsaw sharpener or a chainsaw file? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.


Manual Chainsaw Sharpeners

Manual chainsaw sharpeners are the oldest type of sharpener. They often do not require any electricity or batteries to run. This makes them easy to use anytime and anywhere.

Manual chainsaw sharpening is not for everyone. But it does have some important pros and cons in the world of chainsaw sharpeners.


Types of Manual Chainsaw Sharpeners

Most manual sharpeners are files. You'll need to use your strength to run this file along the chainsaw's chain.

There are also bar-mounted sharpeners. These are easier to use since they attach to the saw blade.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Sharpeners

The advantage of manual sharpeners is that they don't require electricity or batteries to run. This is important if you are with your chainsaw sharpening kit in the middle of nowhere and don't have any charging ports.

A manual chainsaw sharpener makes it easy to sharpen your chainsaw without electricity. The problem with a chainsaw sharpening file is that you must use strength and energy. A bar-mount chainsaw sharpener makes it slightly more manageable, but not much.


How to Use a Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

You will need to sharpen each tooth of the chainsaw with this sharpener. Then, you can mount it on top of the chain so it won't move around too much.

Use the carbide to sharpen each tooth. This may take a while, but it makes the teeth very sharp.


Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

Electric chainsaw sharpeners are very efficient. They are also one of the most popular on the market.

There are many different types too.


Types of Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

There are bench-mounted, vice-mounted, handheld electric sharpeners, and wall-mounted electric sharpeners. All of these electric chainsaw chain sharpener options are very efficient.

They also don't require as much strength as manual sharpeners.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Sharpeners

The advantage of an electric chain sharpener for a chainsaw is that the device does most of the heavy lifting. It is very powerful, and you don't need to put in too much effort.

The downside is that you always need an electrical socket nearby. This can be a problem if you're out and about.


How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Use it according to its manual. You need to sharpen every tooth on the chainsaw.

The electric sharpener will grind against these teeth until they are sharp. Electric options are famous for being very easy to use.


Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpeners

These sharpeners require you to mount the sharpener on the chainsaw's blade. This makes it easier to sharpen each tooth.

These sharpeners are also very small and portable, though some are large.


Types of Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpeners

There are manual and electric bar-mount sharpeners. Some are small and great for taking with you into the woods. Others are heavier and best for use in your workshop.

All bar-mounted sharpeners are easy to use and handle.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bar-Mount Sharpeners

The significant advantage is that you can use these sharpeners in any position. This makes it easy to reach each chainsaw tooth.

The downside is that this device requires more muscle power and effort.


How to Use a Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

Start by mounting the sharpener to the chainsaw blade. You can use the file on this sharpener to sharpen each tooth. This is a time-consuming process, but it works.


Portable Chainsaw Sharpeners

Portable sharpeners are great if you're always on the move. They are small and light but still very good at sharpening. It may take longer to use this sharpener compared to larger and more powerful options.


Types of Portable Chainsaw Sharpeners

There are manual, electric, and automatic options. Portable sharpeners are usually simpler because there isn't much space for more advanced options. This device is suitable for basic and necessary sharpening.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Sharpeners

The big advantage is that you can bring this sharpener wherever you want. The main downside is that it might not be as powerful as you want.


How to Use a Portable Chainsaw Sharpener

If it is a manual sharpener, use it as you would most other manual sharpeners.

If it is electric, consult the manual before using it.


File Guides

File guides are usually manual and portable. They are very light but less efficient than other options. You'll have to use your own strength with this one.


Types of File Guides

Most file guides are the same. Some are larger than others. Some may have electric options, but this is rare.


Advantages and Disadvantages of File Guides

The main advantage is that these devices are very simple to use. This is because they don't have any extra features. The downside is that they take a long time to use. But this is an excellent option to choose if you are out and about.


How to Use a File Guide

Set the file guide on the blade and sharpen each tooth. Do this by running the file back and forth against each tooth. This will eventually sharpen it.


All About Chainsaw Sharpener Options

There are many chainsaw sharpener options to choose from. It is important to choose the right one for your needs. Consider electric sharpeners, manual sharpeners, file guides, bar-mounted sharpeners, etc.

All of these do the same thing but in different ways. To learn more about chainsaws, check out our products.


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