Expert Chainsaw Maintenance Tips by Jono & Johno

Date Posted: 5 August 2022 

A chainsaw is an essential tool for all kinds of projects. From cutting down damaged trees to keeping up with regular landscaping maintenance, having a chainsaw ready can make a huge difference. 

But a chainsaw can also be dangerous if you're not careful. It's crucial to understand how a chainsaw works and the proper ways to use it before picking one up. This is the only way to avoid major injuries and still be able to get the job done. One of the best ways to promote safety while using this tool is to keep up with chainsaw maintenance.

Jono & Johno Chainsaw Maintenance Tips 

The better you take care of your chainsaw, the better it will perform, and the less you'll have to worry about it. Instead of wondering if it will hold up to the tasks you need to get done, you'll always know it's ready to go! A few extra minutes of preparation can save you a lot of stress and overwhelm you during a project. 

1. Keep It Sharp

Obviously, one of the more essential aspects of a chainsaw is the blade which sets it apart from other cutting tools. The unique design of the teeth on a rotating chain makes it possible to cut through large pieces of wood and other materials. Without sharp teeth, the chainsaw will be almost worthless. 

When you notice that your cuts aren't as smooth or precise, it's generally a sign that your blade is dull. You can either sharpen the teeth of the chain or replace the whole thing altogether with new chainsaw parts

It's a good idea to have extra blades on hand whenever you need a replacement. 

2. Keep It Clean

Sometimes when you're having a hard time making your desired cuts, you can mistakenly identify the problem as a dull blade. In reality, it could be as simple as the chainsaw being too dirty to function. 

It's easy for a chainsaw to get gummed up with all of the dirt, sawdust, and grime that moves through the machine during a job. You should never put your chainsaw away after a job without cleaning the whole thing thoroughly. Remove any debris from the chain, carefully wipe down the blade, and then make sure to store it in a clean, dry place for optimal use! 

3. Ensure Correct Chain Tension

The chainsaw won't function if the chain's tension is off balance. A balanced chain will run smoothly to make the necessary cuts and eliminate the possibility of too much kickback. 

Make sure to check the tension before and after each job and throughout the project for best results. 

Often, the chain can be adjusted back to the correct levels. But occasionally, you'll need to order a replacement. Choosing quality chainsaw parts in Australia is the best way to ensure you're always prepared. 

4. Clean the Air Filter Regularly

While the teeth and chains are the most common parts people think about with their chainsaws, it's also important not to forget about the air filter. 

The air filter keeps all the excess debris and dirt from getting into the motor and causing it not to work. Ideally, only clean air will make its way through to avoid any issues with your chainsaw engine. Therefore, changing the air filter should be added to every chainsaw maintenance checklist for optimal performance. 

5. Keep Your Machine Well Oiled

Similarly, it's crucial to ensure your engine stays well oiled and you never run your chainsaw when it's dry. This kind of dry firing will cause too much friction and lead to a burnt-out motor that won't work at all. 

When you're getting ready to use your chainsaw, it's a good idea to run bar oil over the chain to make sure it has the lubrication it needs to rotate.

Failing to do this can lead you to need to replace not only the chain but also the motor. If you try to push the machine to work without what it needs, all the parts will end up wearing out too quickly. You'll be searching for chainsaw spare parts and waiting to finish your project. 

6. Use Quality Fuel 

As you run your chainsaw, you'll also want to ensure the inside is lubricated. It's not enough to simply put fuel in the motor, in any case. You'll want to choose a high-quality brand that will keep the motor running for as long as possible. Good fuel doesn't have anything extra that will make it difficult for your chainsaw to run, which is why it's worth the extra effort. 

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7. Break in a Chain When It's New 

Once you've found your aftermarket Stihl chainsaw parts in Australia and installed them on your machine, you aren't quite ready to start cutting things yet. 

It's essential to break in the chain first to ensure it's fitted just right and ready to work. You can do this by letting the chainsaw run and get warm enough for the chain to fall into place perfectly. This warm-up run can also help you notice any issues to avoid significant breakdowns or accidents. 

Get Chainsaw Replacement Parts at Jono & Johno 

There's nothing more satisfying than being able to quickly get a job done when an issue arises. Especially when it comes to major yard problems, getting a mess cleaned up fast allows you to enjoy your space more. 

Keeping up with chainsaw maintenance ensures that your tools are always ready to go. As you take care of your chainsaw, you'll notice when parts are starting to wear out so you can grab them ahead of time instead of having to deal with a significant breakdown in the middle of a job. 

Jono & Johno have everything you need to keep your chainsaw in tip-top shape at all times. If you're looking for the right replacement parts for your chainsaw, check out our inventory today!