Help! My Chainsaw Won’t Start!

Date Posted: 24 October 2022 


A chainsaw is an excellent instrument for clearing fallen trees, trimming undesired branches, and cutting up firewood. 

Sometimes, however, your chainsaw may act up and not start. Or, it will start and then stop operating. In other cases, it may stop when you increase the engine speed.

Older models, in particular, can be stubborn, and all of this is due to wear and tear.

There are a number of various reasons why a chainsaw won’t start, depending on whether it’s a gas or electric chainsaw.

However, before initiating an inspection or troubleshooting, always prioritise safety and proceed under the assumption that the machine might start at any time. Avoid wearing baggy clothing and keep the saw facing away from people, cars, and buildings.

The following are the most common reasons your chainsaw won’t start and how to fix the issue.

My Chainsaw Start? What Could Be The Problem?

The carburetor Needs Some Cleaning

The carburetor of a chainsaw combines air and fuel to start the internal combustion engine. In as little as thirty days, gasoline begins to degrade. This is because the molecules in gasoline are chemically reacted with oxygen, causing them to break down (called oxidation). 

When gasoline oxidises, varnish, gums, and other insoluble materials build, which can clog the chainsaw carburetor’s small fuel tubes. If fuel is allowed to stay in the engine for an extended period of time, it might become sticky and clog the carburetor, preventing it from starting. Clean out the carburetor if the obstruction is slight. Drain the fuel, spritz the carburetor with a specialist cleaning solution, and then wipe it clean to unclog it.

The carburetor Needs To Be Replaced

If the carburetor is too clogged to be cleaned thoroughly, it may need to be replaced. Remove the air filter, pour a teaspoon of gasoline into it, and then pull the starting rope to test the carburetor. If the engine starts briefly and then dies, the carburetor is most likely to blame for the chainsaw not starting. Be sure to get a new carburetor compatible with the chainsaw and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Spark Plug Needs to Be Replaced

A spark plug in a well-maintained saw should last for years. They can, however, build deposits on the electrode, especially if the saw is running on low-quality two-stroke oil.

Pull the plug and check the condition. Check the gap and clean the electrode with fine sandpaper. Ascertain that it is set to the factory settings, which should be available in the owner’s manual.

Replace the spark plug if it is filthy or broken. Replace it even if the spark plug looks to be in good condition, but you haven’t replaced it in a few seasons.

Recoil Starter May Be Defective

The engine of your chainsaw will not start if the recoil starter is damaged or improperly assembled. To check if the recoil starter assembly is malfunctioning, remove it from the chainsaw and observe what happens. The pulley system may have become stuck and has to be realigned. If you attempt this and the chainsaw still won’t start, it’s possible that the recoil starter has to be replaced.

Rewind Spring Is Broken

The rewind spring is responsible for rewinding the starting cord after each draw. If the cord fails to rewind after the initial draw and the engine does not start, the problem is most likely a damaged rewind spring. If this is the case, the rewind spring must be replaced. Depending on the model of your equipment, you may be able to change the rewind spring independently. Otherwise, you will have to replace the entire recoil starter.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Varnish and grease in the tank might clog the fuel filter and keep it from working correctly. Also, if you’re not careful when filling the gas tank, sawdust, dirt, and other particles might wind up in the tank. When fueling the saw, be sure to place the cap away from dust and debris and wipe it clean before putting it back in the tank.

Clogged Air Filter

A blocked air filter is precisely as bad as a clogged spark-arrestor screen. If there is no airflow, the chainsaw won’t operate. Remove the air filter and clean it with compressed air. To release deposits, tap it on a workbench. The air filter is your only line of defence against sawdust and other particles entering the engine and damaging damage. If the air filter is damaged or worn out, replace it immediately. 

Doing this is far less costly than buying a new saw. In addition, only use high-quality two-stroke oil, and clean the air filter and spark plug regularly to keep your saw in top condition. 

Flooded Engine

A fuel problem is one of the most typical causes for a chainsaw not starting. If you attempted to start the chainsaw repeatedly using the recoil starting system, it’s possible that you may have accidentally inundated the engine with fuel. The smell of gasoline frequently indicates that the engine has been flooded. If you suspect the chainsaw engine has been flooded with fuel, pull the starter cord several times while holding the throttle. Next, dry the spark plug and replace it. After this, you can try starting the chainsaw again.

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