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You have finally bought a chainsaw for your yard. Now, your wood cutting worries are gone, and your yard can now be maintained easily. Well, not so fast. While chainsaws can help you clean up your property and help you chop up firewoods, there's more to it than just purchasing the saw. When you own and operate a chainsaw, you need to take safety measures and make sure that your saw is working efficiently. If you are looking for parts, safety equipment, and chainsaw accessories, you've come to the right place. Jono and Johno is one of Australia's largest online suppliers of chainsaw chains, bars and aftermarket spare parts.

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To keep your saw working, you will need a few specialised chainsaw tools. When you purchase a chainsaw, it should come with a scrench or a combination of screwdriver and wrench for basic maintenance. If yours didn't have or you've already lost it, feel free to check our scrench and purchase a replacement. Apart from this tool, you'll also need a sharpener, such as a Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener, and a depth gauge, sized for the chainsaw you have. Depending on the hardness of the wood you're cutting, you'll need to file the saw's teeth regularly lightly. For some who own a gas chainsaw, they file the teeth whenever they refill the tank. You will also need to bring the chain in for professional sharpening after you've filed it yourself for several times.

When it comes to chainsaw safety gear, don't be thrifty. Apart from a chainsaw helmet, you'll also need some chaps and anti-vibration gloves. Don't forget the footwear. While regular boots are fine for using your chainsaw in your backyard, but when you're out in the woods, wearing logging boots is recommended for safety and efficiency. When you plan on going into the woods, make sure that you have a well-stocked first-aid kit with you. You'll need to have a least one specialised blood-clotting bandage ready. Chainsaw accidents are no joke. Cutting yourself while you're in your backyard is already bad, what more if you cut yourself out in the woods. You could put yourself in danger.

If you own a gas chainsaw, you'll also need to make sure that you have enough gas to finish the task you have at hand. You'll also need chainsaw chains just in case your cutting conditions are harsh, plus a spare chainsaw bar. Depending on your sawing requirement, you might also need a chainsaw mill and a chain breaker. Make sure that you also read the owner's manual to find out the saw's grease requirements. Depending on your saw, it might come with a semi-disposable grease gun. If not, you can purchase online.

Once you familiarise yourself with all the parts and accessories, you'll understand your saw better. Jono and Johno carries a variety of tools, parts and accessories made for different types of chainsaws. No need to look for safety equipment suppliers and chainsaw parts dealers, because we got everything you need. Feel free to browse all our chainsaw equipment.

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