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If handled with proper safety expertise, a chainsaw can be an essential tool for labour. It is a powerful handheld machine that can cut through tree branches that are threatening a roof, brush too thick electric loopers or turn stumps to firewoods. Chainsaws come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small electric models, wired and wireless, to huge gas-powered ones designed for heavier work. Prices also vary depending on the engine size for gas saws and voltage for electric saws, plus the length of the cutting bar. If you are looking for chainsaws too much your current, you've come to the right place. Jono and Johno is one of Australia's largest online suppliers of chainsaw chains, bars and aftermarket spare parts.

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From petrol chainsaw, cordless chainsaw to electric chainsaw, finding the right type and model depends on how and how often you intend to use it. Here are some things you need to consider to help you find the right chainsaw for you:

  1. Check your property and the materials around it. If you live in a larger area where it's heavily wooded and has a lot of mature trees, a petrol chainsaw would be your best bet. Petrol ones are packed with more power compared to electric chainsaws. But if your property is smaller, you might be needing a lighter-duty petrol saw, or a cordless chainsaw will work just fine. For plug-in electric chainsaw, it can only go as far as 100 feet from its outlet, so this type of chainsaw works best for jobs clearing brush close to your house.
  2. Plan how you would go about maintaining your yard. Do you plan on maintaining your yard by pruning and cutting up the tree limbs as they fall throughout the year? If yes, then a battery-operated cordless chainsaw is for you. This type of chainsaw will give you 30 to 40 minutes of work time between charges, which can be enough for such tasks. But if you plan to leave it for an entire season before going about the maintenance, go with the petrol chainsaw. This type of chainsaw can run for hours until its tank runs out of gas, and if it does, you need to refuel the chainsaw instead of waiting for a battery to recharge.
  3. Check your budget. Your budget doesn't only mean how much you're willing to spend when purchasing a chainsaw, but it also includes how much you can spend on its maintenance. Electric chainsaws are easier to maintain compared to its gas counterparts but the lifespan of its battery is unknown and can be expensive to replace. Petrol chainsaw, on the other hand, includes the expenses of gasoline and oil needed to run it. Make sure that you're ready for all the costs associated with the chainsaw you'll purchase.

After choosing what type of chainsaw you'll purchase, the next thing is to figure out which brand you'll be getting. Jono and Johno carries a variety of chainsaw brands perfect for your needs. From Perla barb chainsaw, Husqvarna chainsaw chains to Stihl Chainsaw chains, and chainsaw mill, we have everything for you. Go ahead and browse our collection of chainsaws.

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