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If you have a yard or in need to keep your animals in a particular area, you'll need some fencing equipment to create a barrier in your property. For example, an electric fence can prevent your animals such as livestock from straying out of your designated area. Also, an electric fence can prevent your dogs from digging out of containment. If you need to put up a fence and need various fencing tools, you've come to the right place. Jono and Johno is one of Australia's largest online suppliers of chainsaw chains, chainsaw equipment, and aftermarket spare parts. From electric fence kit, electric fence insulators, and electric fence wire, we got you covered.

But before buying your fencing equipment, you should know the different types and quantities of material and power supplies. Here are some tips that will help you:

  • First, you need to identify why you'll be needing a fence. You can choose the fencing equipment for your needs if you identify the use of the fence. For example, you need a fence to keep your animals, such as livestock and pets within an enclosed area. Or, you might want to keep wild animals out of your perimeter.
  • You need to determine how much electrical power is necessary. If you need to keep larger animals away from the fence, you will need higher electrical power. But higher voltage can present danger to smaller animals. This is why you need to know the power you'll need. The range of your fence will also help you determine your power requirements.
  • After determining the amount of electrical power you need, you also need to decide on the power type. Some electric fence chargers are powered by AC and some by DC or battery power. You'll also need to figure out if you need an earthing system that requires earth wire. A solar-powered fence is also an option.
  • With each type of electric fence, you'll need to have electric fence insulators on each post where the wires will be attached. You need to choose what insulation to use. If you are not sure, you can contact us to ask which one should match your electric fence.
  • When choosing fencing equipment, you also need to select what fencing material to use. Your choices are typically aluminium or galvanised steel; both can resist rusting from rain and snow. For higher voltage, you'll have other options such as poly tape which gives you greater tensile strength.
  • Once you have obtained all the fencing tools you'll need, It's time to set up your fence and electric fence post. If you have large animals that can knock the fence over, you'll need to drill some holes to make sure that they are sturdy. You can use an auger drill or post hole diggers to help you with this task.

For all your fencing needs, Jono and Johno got you covered. We have a wide range of equipment and products that can help you set up your fence—no need to look for a post hole digger for sale because we got it all here. From post hole digger drill bit, post hole digger auger, and post hole digger spare parts, you can find it here.

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