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We get it, finding the right water pump can be daunting. There are many choices available and so many different options to choose from. But why are there so many pumps available? There are various situations that you might need a pump, and each type works specifically for these situations. Whether you want to clear large areas on a farm or yard, draining a pond, water trough or your basement, or saving water to protect your house from fire, each type of water pump is designed for a specific task. Here at Jono and Johno, our wide range of transfer pump, pressure washer pump, and washer pump hose are the answer to your needs.

A water pump is a device designed to do one simple thing: move large amounts of water or liquid from one place to another. Currently, we have durable and powerful pumps that will help you stay on top of your tasks. There are two main types of pumps electric and petrol-powered.

If you need a water pump indoors and have a smaller requirement for water transfer, an electric water pump is for you. There are different types of water pumps, including small garden pumps, rainwater tank pumps, caravan pumps, 12-volt water pump for camping, and aquarium pumps. Most of these pumps can be plugged in your standard household power source or a 12-volt power source. Since they are designed for smaller domestic tasks, electric water pumps are less powerful and require less maintenance than its petrol counterpart. This type of water pump has a distinct disadvantage since you can only use it when there’s a power supply unless you have a generator lying around. This is why this is not best for portable uses since it requires a power outlet.

If you have a larger property and needs a portable water pump, you will need a pump that is powered by petrol or diesel. This is the type of pump that is mostly used on farming, construction, and mining and often has a centrifugal design. Its rotating impeller draws water from the pump and pressurises the flow of the discharge. Since this type of water pump produces carbon monoxide emissions, it is ideal for use outdoors and irrigation on a farm or larger properties. It works like your lawnmower; add oil and fuel, pull the recoil cord or press start for some models, and the engine will start running ready for water pumping. There are different types of petrol water pumps, including water transfer pump, fire fighting pump and trash pump.

If you are looking for water pumps, no need to shop around! Here at Jono and Johno, we have different water pumps that are perfect for all of your needs. We carry a variety of products, from high pressure water pump, water pump hose, automatic water trough, water hose, to water pump for water tank. Feel free to browse all our products.

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