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Whipper snipper, line trimmer, or a weed whacker, and brush cutters are essential gardening tools that are very useful to have in your shed. A whipper snipper is used to cut all edges and corners of your yard that a lawnmower can't reach. This tool can keep small and big yards clean and tidy. The whipper snipper trimmer head is made of nylon or plastic designed to cut grass and weeds and is available in different models such as petrol, electric, and battery-powered.

Brush cutter, on the other hand, is designed for clearing grass and small brushes. Compared to a grass trimmer, this gardening tool is a more durable and more reliable machine with a variety of engines. If you have high-density vegetation, you'll need a more powerful machine like a brushcutter. If used with the right accessories, brush cutters can do different operations such as clearing shrubs, shredding smaller trees, and trimming grass. You can attach a longer shaft to the brush cutter so that you can increase its working range.

If you are looking for a whipper snipper and brush cutter for sale, you've come to the right place. Jono and Johno is one of Australia's largest online suppliers of chainsaw chains, bars, whipper snipper, brush cutters, and aftermarket spare parts. We also carry different whipper snipper attachments, brush cutter parts and whipper snipper parts.

Whipper Snippers vs Brush Cutters

Purchasing the right tools for your yard can be challenging especially if you are not familiar with the different gardening tools available. If you need something to keep the edges of your lawn maintained and keep the weeds in check, getting a whipper snipper will be the answer to your problem. There are also a variety of whipper snipper heads to choose from. But if you live in a bigger property and need a tool for heavier-duty jobs, a brush cutter is your best bet.

The brush cutter blade is made of metal to cut through thick vegetation and tree branches. There are also different brush cutter head and blade attachments available depending on what you need to trim and cut, making this a versatile tool that can tackle a variety of tasks. However, this tool can be more challenging to use than an ordinary whipper snipper and will be an overkill for most home gardeners.

Buy Garden Power Tools Online

There are different types of power gardening tools that can lighten your workload for your backyard. If you want to make sure that you're purchasing the right one, you can follow these tips:

  • Check your vegetation and choose a machine that's powerful enough to clear it.
  • If you plan to use a brush cutter professionally, it is vital that you choose a brush cutter or a whipper snipper with a long service life and is also suitable for the work you have at hand.
  • Make sure that the handlebar is placed at an angle that is firm and comfortable. You don't want to have an uneven load on your back.
  • Check your trimming requirement. This will help you decide if you will need a brush cutter or a whipper snipper.

Once you've decided which power gardening tool you'll get, go ahead and check out our wide range of whipper snippers and brush cutter. Here at Jono and Johno, we carry a variety of products ranging from whipper Snipper Stihl to brush cutter 4 stroke. Feel free to browse all our products.

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